You want to work and be independent but if you are suffering from a disability that prevents you from being able to work you will need to explore other ways to earn a living. Having no capacity to work for 12 months or longer puts you in a position where you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits. The tough thing about obtaining SSDI is that the process is highly complex with many regulations, a lot of paperwork, and various rules to follow. 

You don’t have to use a legal professional to file an SSDI claim in Texas, but considering the majority of initial claims are denied, an attorney can improve your chances of having your claim approved in the least amount of time. Working with a Texas SSDI attorney can be the difference between obtaining Texas SSDI benefits in as little as 30 days versus working through the system yourself and potentially having to wait several years to get the aid that you need. Often, individuals that are legitimately disabled who would have been approved through their initial claim are denied because of clerical errors like incorrect paperwork or missing a deadline.

If your claim is denied, then you can appeal the decision. This process, though, can take as long as three years to complete. Avoiding the headaches that come along with navigating the complicated and detailed SSDI system and obtaining benefits in a more timely manner, working with a Plano SSDI attorney is helpful. Brad Thomas is a Texas SSDI attorney that has represented more than 900 disability claimants across 12 states. Brad Thomas can review your case and work with you and support you while you pursue Social Security benefits in Texas.

Finding the Right Texas Social Security Disability Benefits Attorney

What to Look for in a Texas SSDI AttorneyWorking with the right attorney improves your chances of having benefits granted and ensures that your claim is filed properly without mistakes. Your attorney will also have your claim submitted on-time. Not every attorney has a proven track record of success in obtaining benefits for their clients. A Texas SSDI attorney’s experience, history, and knowledge of the system are all important factors to consider when choosing an attorney. Client satisfaction is also important and so finding reviews from people who have worked with the attorney is helpful. The other thing to think about is what type of claim you want to file. When you need to obtain SSDI benefits in Texas, an attorney that understands everything that is involved with the application while also having in-depth knowledge of how the hearing and appeals process works is necessary.

Meet with a Texas Social Security Disability Attorney Today

While you can file a Texas SSDI claim by yourself, use a non-lawyer representative, or work with a licensed attorney, only a Plano Social Security disability lawyer provides you with the most flexibility and highest-level support. This is specifically so if you have to file a lawsuit to get benefits, a representative isn’t going to be able to do this for you but an attorney will. Meet with Brad Thomas, a Texas SSDI lawyer during a free consultation to discuss your case.  Simply call (972) 863-2367 today.

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