Applying for and being approved for Social Security Disability benefits can be very overwhelming bc of how daunting and painstaking the process is. It can also take a good deal of time to be approved if approval is possible. This is particularly so if you are suffering from an ailment or condition not listed in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book’s listing of impairments. To be qualified for Social Security Disability Benefits in Texas a claimant must be unable to work in any type of gainful employment due to your physical condition or other medical impairment. Your mental, physical, or medical condition must also be expected to last at least 12 months.

Individuals who have specific diseases and serious debilitating health conditions that are degrading their lives fast which are identified by the Social Security Administration have an easier and less timely path towards obtaining their Texas disability benefits. This expedited option is made possible by the SSA through the Compassionate Allowance program. Working through the Plano SSDI system and determining whether you qualify for benefits can be confusing and many times stressful. When you are struggling with a catastrophic injury or other life-altering condition that prevents you from working over the long term, you could be entitled to SSDI in Dallas. If so, obtaining those benefits in the most timely manner possible is critical to helping you continue on with your life with the least additional stress. Working with a knowledgeable Dallas SSDI attorney is the best way to improve your ability to get the Texas disability benefits you need in the shortest amount of time.

How Does the Compassionate Allowance Program Work?

Individuals affiliated with advanced and rapidly progressing conditions will be considered for quick qualification for benefits through the CAP. Examples of such eligible claimants include those who have various brain diseases, late-stage cancers that are aggressively spreading, rare childhood disorders, or chromosomal abnormalities. Specifically, diseases such as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, small cell lung cancer, as well as pancreatic cancer and more would qualify for the CAP. The list of qualifying conditions changes often as the SSA uses feedback and information from medical experts, researchers, and the public to keep the list current and accurate for the population. 

For this reason, it is beneficial to check the SSA’s list of compassionate allowances if you are struggling with a disease or condition that is quickly getting worse. If you locate your disorder you would still apply for benefits the same way you would if you didn’t have a compassionate allowance listed. It is helpful to speak to a Fort Worth SSDI attorney regarding how to do so efficiently and correctly so your claim has the best chance of being approved upon its initial submission. More than 65% of initial Fort Worth SSDI claims are denied even when the claimant has a qualifying disability which results in a much longer process to obtain benefits.

Speak to a Plano SSDI Attorney Today

If you are unsure about your disability and if you can get SSDI in Texas or if you applied for benefits but were denied, speaking to a Texas SSDI attorney is the best way to have your questions answered and obtain the legal guidance you need. Call Brad Thomas, a skilled Plano SSDI lawyer to schedule a free consultation at (972) 863-2367.

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