Social Security Disability Insurance is meant to help workers that find themselves injured so severely that they can no longer work. SSDI can also be applied when a worker becomes so ill that their condition is debilitating and renders them unable to work in any type of job or industry. Obtaining SSDI is notoriously difficult and most claimants that genuinely need benefits will apply but are denied nonetheless. It is critical to the success of your SSDI claim that you follow all of the procedures exactly, fill out the paperwork properly, and have meticulous supporting documentation. Failure to get everything done accurately as the Social Security Administration requires means that denial is likely to result.

Because it is such a difficult challenge to get Social Security Disability benefits in Dallas on the first try, working with an experienced Texas Social Security Disability attorney who knows the system and understands what it takes to obtain approval is important. Brad Thomas is an SSDI attorney that has represented over 900 disability claimants in 12 different states. If you have become ill or disabled, and you need help navigating the Texas Social Security Disability system, connect with the Law Office of Brad Thomas.

How Do Work Credits Function?

What is a SSDI Work CreditTo qualify for SSDI benefits, a person must have accumulated enough work credits. The amount of money you made during your work career, will determine how many work credits you have. As of 2020, for every $1,410 earned, one work credit will be awarded. A person is capped at four credits in a year. The SSA says that to get SSDI benefits, you must have accumulated the following amount of work credits:

  • For those that are 62 years of age and older, the qualifying number of work credits is 40. The timing is also essential though. So if you amassed 40 work credits, 20 of them must have been received no longer than 10 years before the time of your illness or injury.
  • For those in the age range of 31 to 42, 20 credits are necessary.
  • For those in the age range of 43 to 61 one credit is added to the accumulation per year.
  • For those that are under the age of 24, six credits are required and they will have to have been earned three years before their injury or illness incident took place.
  • For those that are between 24 years of age to 31 years of age, you will have to have work for half of the time from age 21 until the date of your disability. 
  • For those age 29, you will need to have 16 credits.

Speak to a Texas Attorney Today

If you are confused by work credits and the system in general, you are not alone. Navigating the Texas SSDI system can be very difficult for anyone. Call the SSDI attorney at the Brad Thomas Law Office today for help with your Social Security Disability claim in Texas. You can schedule your free consultation at (972) 863-2367.

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