What Does the SSA Need to know About Your Daily Activities?

What Does the SSA Need to know About Your Daily Activities?

Every day there are certain actions that you take on a routine basis. These activities of daily living are a part of how you are able to effectively live your life. Showering, cooking, running errands like picking up the groceries, cleaning your home, or brushing and flossing your teeth are all things that you do every day or most days of the week. If you have developed a condition or physical disability that causes you so much pain that you cannot engage in these daily tasks or if your condition makes it impossible to do them, and you need disability benefits, then the Social Security Administration must be made aware of these impediments.

It is very likely that if the disease or injury you are suffering from has lasted at least 12 months and greatly limits your ability to do what the SSA calls “activities of daily living” then you have a good chance of obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits in Texas. When you can detail and illustrate how severely your life has been impacted by your condition, you increase your ability to obtain those much-needed benefits. When you submit your Fort Worth SSDI claim, included will be important information regarding how drastically you are restricted from various activities. The SSA will use this to help them make a determination regarding if your health has been so negatively affected by your ailment that you qualify for SSDI benefits in Dallas.

What Questions Does the SSA Require You to Answer About Your ADL?

What Does the SSA Need to know About Your Activities of Daily LivingThere are several questions that you have to answer so that the SSA can evaluate the seriousness of your injuries or illness. These include:

  • What happens, on average, every day in your life when you get up in the morning and until turn in for the night?
  • Are there any household tasks that you can do with ease and without strain or pain?
  • Can you still drive your car?
  • Can you cook and put together your meals?
  • Is your sleep impacted and irregular by your condition or do you sleep normally?
  • Are you capable of keeping up with your own hygiene alone, including brushing your teeth and using the restroom?
  • Are you able to easily engage in your favorite leisurely activities like normal?
  • Can you get dressed by yourself and brush your hair?
  • What exactly causes you to be unable to engage in gainful employment?

The answers to your ADL questionnaire in Texas give the SSA an idea of your level of self-sufficiency. It is incredibly important that when you fill out the form, you include as much detail and supporting information as you can. If you don’t put adequate enough evidence and information on your form and in your claim, you could be denied SSDI in Dallas, or obtaining benefits will be drawn out and take much longer to get.

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