Understanding How the Social Security Disability Works

Understanding How the Social Security Disability Works

Individuals with a working history in the United States that come down with an illness or injury that prevents them from being able to work may benefit from Social Security Disability Insurance. In order to secure benefits, individuals suffering from various ailments must file a claim with the Social Security Administration. The SSA will review a person’s claim and determine if they are disabled. Should a person be deemed disabled they can get SSDI benefits.

While this may seem like a straightforward process, the truth is that most initial SSDI claims are denied. In fact, as high as 65% of initial claims are not approved by the SSA. This can leave a claimant in a distressing position especially if their condition is severe.

Working with a legal professional that understands the SSDI system can be incredibly helpful for claimants. An attorney will understand eligibility requirements, how to handle appeals, what to include in a claim, how to fill out required forms correctly, and have full knowledge of procedural issues. Brad Thomas is a Plano injury attorney with extensive experience helping individuals navigate the challenging SSDI system.

Obtaining SSDI Benefits

Disabled people may be those that cannot work in any capacity or those who can work in a limited capacity and do not earn more than a certain set amount. The SSA determines what the threshold is for what a disabled person can earn and still obtain SSDI. Also, a disability must be long-term or at least have been going on for or expected to last for 12 months. A person whose condition is expected to lead to death may also qualify.

The SSA has a list of approved disabilities in what they call their blue book. Even though the SSA has labeled certain conditions disabling, a claimant may still be approved for benefits if their condition is not listed in the blue book.

A claimant files their claim by either going online, or they can go into a social security office. Claims may even be filed over the phone. Being prepared with all of your documentation will help the process go much more smoothly.

Keep in mind, it can take many months to get benefits if an initial claim is approved. When a claim is denied though, the length of time to get benefits could be years. This is because obtaining benefits after an initial denial, working through the appeals process takes time. The good news is that many claims do get approved after a successful appeal.

Work with a Fort-Worth SSDI Attorney Today

Obtaining SSDI benefits can be frustrating and discouraging. The important thing to remember is that even if you are among the majority of claimants that are dealing with a denial, it is still possible that you may be approved down the road. An attorney may be able to make the process go much more smoothly and could help claimants get the benefits they need quicker.

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