Sustaining a disability that prevents you from being able to work and earn an income to support yourself and your family can cause massive duress and anxiety. When you are unable to hold down a job and your ailment is long-term, meaning lasting more than 12 months, you could be a candidate that may benefit from Texas Social Security Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Government programs like SSDI in Texas are a life-saver for individuals that want to work but are held back from doing so because of their illness or physical restrictions.

A disabling injury or illness can qualify for SSDI in Texas, and to learn more about how to obtain the most benefits in the least amount of time, call Brad Thomas. Brad Thomas is a Texas SSDI attorney that has represented more than 900 disability claimants in 12 states. Understanding your rights when it comes to being granted benefits under Social Security Disability Law is essential. Brad Thomas prides himself on always searching for the most effective way to help his clients get the Plano SSDI benefits they need.

Why Should You Work With an Attorney?

Plano TxThe truth is, like most government agencies, obtaining SSDI benefits is a laborious, wearing, and at times, disappointing task. Especially when your condition limits your ability to fully function, trying to understand SSDI law and do all of the work that comes with your application properly and correctly can be a heavy burden. Because most initial claims are denied, prolonging the process of potentially obtaining benefits, the best way to avoid this is to work with an experienced Texas SSDI attorney.

The fine points of your case and your paperwork will determine how long it will take to get benefits. And when you legitimately need them and have a qualifying ailment, you could be subject to working through the system for years before you get the benefits you have needed all along. A Plano SSDI lawyer is a good way to have professional legal counsel and a trusted advocate managing your claim and expediting the process.

Building a strong claim is heavily dependent on your medical treatment and records along with any relevant doctor’s notes. If you haven’t been able to work, it is also reasonable that without a job you can’t afford healthcare insurance which makes obtaining the necessary treatments difficult. Luckily, there are some clinics in Texas that offer medical support either at no cost to patients or at a reduced cost making obtaining these essential medical documents that will help your claim more realistic. An SSDI attorney in Texas will know where to locate these resources and can help claimants obtain access to them. This is important for claimants to not only get the treatment they need but also have the documentation to back up their condition.

Work with a Talented Texas SSDI Attorney Today

Brad Thomas, a Plano SSDI lawyer will assist you with gathering all of your relevant medical information and Brad Thomas understands the way that a judge will react to the professional opinions of your doctor. To schedule a free consultation with Brad Thomas of the Brad Thomas Law Office, simply call (972) 863-2367 today. 

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