Signs That Your Texas SSDI Claim Will Get Approved

Signs That Your Texas SSDI Claim Will Get Approved

Being unable to work because you are too sick or your injuries limit your abilities is frustrating and discouraging. You need medical care and your bills aren’t stopping because of your health issues. You need assistance and one way you may be able to get it is through Social Security Disability benefits. Because more than 65% of initial claims are denied making the process of obtaining benefits much longer, it is worthwhile to work with a Texas SSDI attorney from the start. Your Plano SSDI attorney can manage all of the paperwork and documentation for you so that you can increase your chances of getting benefits in the shortest amount of time.

Are There Signs that Your SSDI Claim is Going to be Approved?

Signs that Your Texas SSDI Claim gets ApprovedWhile the majority of claims are not approved upon initial submission, appealing a denial offers more hope. More than 50% of appeals end with the approval of SSDI benefits. Whether you are submitting your claim for the first time or if you are going through the appeals process there are some indicators that you are likely to get benefits:

  • Your disability is defined in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book. The SSA’s Blue Book has a list of disabilities and ailments, over 100 conditions that have supporting information on what information an applicant needs to prove that they have one of the listed conditions.
  • Your disability has kept you from being able to work for 12 months or more.
  • If you are able to work in some capacity your earnings are below the SSA’s substantial gainful activity amount and your disability prevents you from being able to earn over that amount. Potentially, if special accommodations were given to you to because of your disability to perform a job that earns you over the SGA, you may still be eligible for SSDI.
  • You have enough work credits to qualify for SSDI benefits. People gain work credits for years worked prior to their disability. In 2020, people could earn up to 4 credits per year. For individuals 31 and older, at least 20 credits are needed.
  • Your disability keeps you from being able to work at your current job as well as at any jobs you held in the past. After reviewing your education, age, and work history the SSA deems that you cannot perform any other work.

It is not easy to get SSDI in Texas and in certain situations, it can take a long time. The process is complex and if you do not understand how to fill out the paperwork properly and submit it with sufficient and required materials, you are not going to be approved even if you have a legitimate disability. To avoid the potential hurdles and stress that come with applying for SSDI in Texas, call Brad Thomas. Brad Thomas is a Texas SSDI attorney that has experience helping disabled individuals get the disability benefits they need.

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