Should You Journal About Your Disability?

Should You Journal About Your Disability?

When you have been debilitatingly injured or are suffering from a disease condition that is serious and prohibits you from being able to work for at least 12 months, applying for Social Security Disability benefits in Texas may be necessary. If you are unsure if your ailment qualifies for Texas SSDI benefits, you can check the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book or you can also get personalized feedback about your unique situation by speaking with a Texas SSDI attorney. Brad Thomas is a Dallas SSDI attorney that has represented over 900 claimants across 12 states successfully and he can help you improve your chances of avoiding denial and obtaining benefits.

There is an incredible amount of paperwork and documentation that goes into a successful Dallas SSDI claim. Gathering the right information and filling out the necessary forms correctly increases a claimant’s ability to get the financial assistance they need from the Social Security Administration. Outside of seeing your doctor, going to all appointments, and following your doctor’s orders, there are other actions you can take that can strengthen your claim. Keeping a daily journal and recording detailed information about how your condition is affecting you is one.

Why is Keeping a Disability Journal Helpful to get SSDI in Texas?

Should You Journal About Your DisabilityAs you endure each day with the disease or injury that you are suffering from, various aspects of your life will be impacted. Your journal can include how your ability to work has been impaired. You can write about how your limitations are making it impossible for you to keep your job. Or, your journal or diary can also show your attempts to try and find work and how your condition is preventing you from doing so. It can detail the specific pain you are dealing with and note the symptoms that you are experiencing. What you write can also explain what it is like to go through each day with the discomfort you are feeling and the difficulties you have to complete ordinary tasks. 

Every time that you are impacted by your disease or physical injury, you should write the instance down including the date and time. So always having your journal with you will better help you truly take account of what is happening in your life as a result of your health issues in real-time. You can document how your condition is worsening or developing into new impediments. By writing down everything that that is going on along with what you are going through, you won’t have to only rely on your memory to give you the information, which could be less than accurate.

Speak with a Dallas SSDI Attorney

Keeping a journal is extremely beneficial to you in many ways. First, your journal helps your medical providers better understand how to properly address your health issues and treat you effectively. In addition, your diary may also serve to aid your attempt to secure approval for SSDI benefits. To have all of your questions about obtaining SSDI benefits in Texas answered and to have your Texas SSDI claim managed by a skilled and knowledgeable Plano SSDI attorney, call the Brad Thomas Law Office to schedule a free consultation at (972) 863-2367.