If you suffer from a medical or mental condition that is so severe the Social Security Administration considered it to be a disability preventing you from working, you are likely receiving Social Security Disability Benefits from the SSA. These necessary benefits are what you use to pay for your life’s expenses. You may also have a job that you work in some capacity where you are making money while also receiving your Plano SSDI benefits. It is true in some cases, recipients of Texas SSDI benefits can also be earning other money through employment. However, there are also many situations where this is not true.

If your benefits have stopped and you aren’t sure why connecting with a Plano SSDI attorney to have your questions answered would be very helpful. Brad Thomas is a Texas SSDI attorney that can help you with the complex and frustrating Texas SSDI claim process. Brad Thomas can also provide you with legal guidance about why your benefits were terminated.

What Reasons Could Lead to a Stoppage in Texas SSDI Benefits?

Reasons Why Your Texas SSDI Benefits StoppedIf you are working and also receiving Texas Social Security Disability benefits and then something changes and you lose your benefits it could be that you are earning too much. SSDI guidelines have ranges of how much a person can make and a limit to what they can earn to still be eligible for benefits. If you were once earning money that was below the threshold of what still kept your case viable for benefits you would never have had to experience a change in the income you receive from your SSDI and your job. However, if you start earning above that limit, the SSA is going to conclude that you are able to work in a position of gainful employment where you no longer need benefits.

The SSA will regularly review active cases that are receiving benefits to identify if the individual is still detained enough from their ailments that they cannot work. While it is generally accepted that conditions that improve are good for the victims that are suffering, when it comes to SSDI benefits in Plano, this could make for positive health news while at the same time being a reason why you lose benefits. While most beneficiaries retain their benefits even with these checks, some are not so lucky. If the SSA determines that your condition has improved enough that you would no longer fall under their definition for disabled, you will lose your benefits.

You will lose SSDI benefits when you are old enough to retire under the law. When you turn 66 years of age, the law now looks at you as a person who can fully retire. Because of this, you will start receiving Social Security retirement benefits instead of Social Security Disability benefits. So, while age does play a part in your ability to retain your SSDI benefits, you won’t be kicked out of the government system, but instead, be shifted over to a different system that will supply you with your needed and deserved benefits.

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