The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way businesses run, the way we interact with each other, how government operates, and almost every aspect of our lives. Even though the pandemic has been impacting daily life for more than a year now, the pandemic doesn’t stop life from happening. People are still getting sick and experiencing disease just as they are still sustaining disabling injuries. Individuals with a disability who need Social Security Disability benefits in Texas may feel even more concerned about their ability to do so under pandemic conditions. 

As of March of 2020, the Social Security Administration shut down all Social Security Hearing Offices. This means no in-person meetings and instead, claimants can either have a hearing over the phone or through a video meeting. The office closures have caused some disabled individuals to experience additional anxiety about their situation. The important thing to know is that if you are disabled and in need of Texas Social Security Disability benefits, you don’t have to figure out the system by yourself. You don’t have to navigate the process alone. Brad Thomas is a Plano Social Security Disability attorney that can assess your situation and handle the process on your behalf. Even though times are more difficult these days, this shouldn’t dissuade you or discourage you from applying for SSDI when you need it, and working with a qualified Plano SSDI attorney can alleviate much of your stress.

How Does a Video Hearing for SSDI Benefits Work?

No In-Person SSDI Benefit Hearings Because of COVIDThe video hearings are secure and they allow for more flexibility and increased safety for all participants. Microsoft Teams is the platform that is used to conduct these hearings through any type of device that is connected to the internet, has a microphone, has speakers, and has a camera. Whether you do so through your tablet, your phone, or on your computer, you can access a video hearing easily.

The same process that happens for in-person meetings where the administrative law judge swears in all participants and hears their story about why they need SSDI benefits will still happen in a video meeting or a telephone hearing. Any expert witnesses or support personnel will also be included in the video hearing and they will access it by phone. The Social Security Administration will send claimants a link that will have instructions for getting to Microsoft Teams as well as how to use the application. This will happen prior to the scheduled hearing time so that claimants are able to fully review everything and become familiar with the platform.

Meet with a Texas Social Security Disability Attorney Today

As an experienced SSDI lawyer in Texas, Brad Thomas knows very well how these hearings work and how the technology operates. Brad Thomas will help you not just make the case for your benefits but also with navigating how to work within the SSA’s new guidelines and with their technology. To meet with the Texas SSDI lawyer at the Brad Thomas Law Office during a free consultation call (972) 863-2367 today. Whether you are applying for benefits or appealing a denial, Brad Thomas is here to support you.

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