There are actually hundreds of ailments both physical and cognitive that qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. If you struggle to work due to your health condition but have had to endure the long and frustrating proposition of going through the Texas Social Security Disability system only to be denied, you may not think this is true. You could have a valid reason for applying for benefits and the reason you were denied has nothing to do with your condition. 

Individuals that are ill or have substantial injuries which keep them from being able to engage in gainful employment so they can support themselves need benefits. However, if these individuals don’t know the system, how it operates, the rules, what needs to be done, and all the other complexities that go with it, they are fighting a losing battle. All the time you put into filing for benefits without doing it correctly is essentially time wasted and it prolongs the amount of time it takes for you to get the benefits you deserve and are entitled to receive. The best way for injured or ill individuals to learn more about their options and to increase their chances of obtaining benefits in the least amount of time is to start the process with an experienced Texas Social Security Disability attorney

What Disabilities are Most Commonly Accepted After an Initial Filing?

Most Commonly Approved Conditions for Social Security Disability BenefitsWhen you need Social Security Disability benefits in Texas, you can save yourself a tremendous amount of frustration, headache, and valuable time by going into the process with a talented and knowledgeable Plano Social Security Disability attorney. Working with a licensed and well-informed legal professional helps you submit your documentation correctly, on-time, and with the full amount of supporting information necessary to improve your ability for approval.

There are some disabilities that very often obtain approval. These include:

  • Severely progressed cancer degrades the body and in some cases the mind and can be extremely painful. People suffering from advanced-stage cancer will have to undergo many treatments which take time and completely exhaust the patient from being able to engage in almost any activity including a job.
  • Sufferers of severe arthritis may have significant difficulty with mobility and the use of the body anywhere there is a joint. When the swelling is so much and the limited range of movement renders a person unable to perform in any working capacity, benefits may be authorized.
  • Paralysis that limits one’s ability to move or function and also harms the individual’s mental health can make it tremendously hard, or almost impossible to work.
  • Osteoarthritis can be excruciating and lead to a restricted ability to perform tasks and be employed.
  • Parkinson’s disease has no cure and attacks the nervous system. Over time, it progressively becomes worse. Imbalance, chronic shakiness, inability to coordinate the use of the body, and mental impairment occur as the disease takes hold and overall causes deterioration physically and mentally.

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