The Social Security Administration has the responsibility to review Social Security Disability Claims and determine if the applicant has valid disabilities that qualify for benefits. When you apply for SSDI in Texas, there is a waiting period before you will start receiving your payments. Upon approving a claim, the SSA will put a date on when they believe that your disability began. Then, there is a five-month waiting period from this date. This date is called the onset date and it is not the same date as to when you filed your Dallas SSDI claim or the date that your Plano SSDI claim was approved. So while there is a waiting time to get your benefits, the SSA may put your actual date where you became disabled earlier than when you applied which can limit the amount of time you have to wait for benefits if your claim is approved.

How Does the Waiting Period for SSDI in Texas Work?

Is There a Waiting Period for Texas SSDI Benefits?The five-month window would mean that you would be paid for the six months from the date of your established disability. You will not get your payment at the beginning of the sixth month though, the SSA requires the full month to complete before your payment is issued. Your first check would actually be sent out during the seventh month as payment for the sixth month.  An example would be having a disability that was established on February 10. Your first payment would be active in August, but you would have to wait for the full month of August to come to an end before you receive payment. Therefore, you would physically be in possession of your first payment, in September.

SSDI applicants in Texas on average had to wait for a little over five months for their claim to be processed in March of 2021. This means that there is the potential the waiting period may not significantly affect you because your disability would have had to occurred prior to your filing or on the date that you submitted your claim. With a potential wait of at least five months to secure an approval, when that day comes, you will have already put in your time.

When the SSA determines that your disability date is much earlier than the date that you filed your claim and you are approved, you can get retroactive Social Security Disability benefits in Texas. As a matter of fact, the SSA can dispense benefits to you for as many as 12 months if it was determined that your disability happened far earlier than your claim was filed and approved.

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The first step to obtaining SSDI benefits is to have your claim approved and to increase your chance of having that happen, you should work with an experienced Texas SSDI attorney. Brad Thomas is a Dallas SSDI lawyer that offers knowledgeable legal guidance and support to disabled individuals that need SSDI benefits in Texas. Brad Thomas has a thorough understanding of the complicated SSDI system and how to put together the information necessary to help disabled individuals in Texas get the benefits that they are entitled to. 

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