How to Identify Social Security Fraud

How to Identify Social Security Fraud

Obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance benefits is not an easy task. Even for people who are suffering from a debilitating illness or injury, getting these much-needed benefits can be challenging. Only a small portion of initial claimants are approved after they submit their documentation. 

Working with an attorney has the potential to make the process of obtaining SSDI easier. Still, any claimant can expect that their claim for benefits will be thoroughly scrutinized because the Social Security Administration wants to make sure only legitimate claims are approved. A Plano SSDI attorney will know how to gather sufficient evidence and fill out all the paperwork correctly, which can help a claimant improve their chances of getting the SSDI benefits they need.

Is There Much Fraud in the Social Security System?

Identifying Social Security FraudDespite the challenges that claimants face getting SSDI, there are approximately one out of five people in the United States that receives some form of benefits from Social Security. This is according to the United States Social Security Administration. Even though the SSA closely exams each individual’s claim for benefits and will investigate potential fraud to weed it out, there is still fraud that exists within the system.

The SSA takes fraud very seriously. Benefits that are obtained through SSA are meant to help the most vulnerable individuals that are eligible for receiving necessary financial support. For this reason, when fraud is identified, the SSA will seek to have those that committed the unlawful acts to be given the most severe punishment that is allowed under the law.

The money that the SSA uses to help people receive benefits comes from the American people. And where fraud exists, people who truly need financial security the most will suffer.  This is why the SSA is so judicial with how they dispense funds and who they go to. 

The SSA has an anti-fraud program that is dedicated to detecting fraud, preventing it, and fighting it. While the SSA’s anti-fraud team is very good at what they do and they have considerable resources to help them combat instances of abuse, they are not always completely on target getting rid of all the fraud that may be present. There still exists a small portion of fraudulent claims that are able to make their way through.

In addition to the SSA’s efforts to identify and rid the system of fraud and waste, the American people can also do their part. It is recommended to alert the agency when you know fraud is occurring or if you suspect it could be taking place. 

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Keeping the system honest benefits everyone. If you are struggling with a physical ailment or a disease that is keeping you from being able to go to work and earn a living, call Brad Thomas. Brad Thomas is a Plano SSDI attorney who is committed to helping disabled people get the benefits they need. Call Brad Thomas Law Office today to schedule a free consultation at (972) 863-2367.