If you are suffering from a debilitating disease or physical ailment, you may not be able to work and hold down gainful employment. When this is the case, you could be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits in Texas. If your situation is particularly severe and you need benefits quickly, it can feel like a daunting and discouraging task to have to work through the notoriously difficult and complicated Social Security Disability system. The good news is that there are programs that the Social Security Administration has to fast-track claimant’s applications. Potentially you could qualify for one of these plans.

Individuals that are approved for Social Security Disability benefits are able to obtain crucial income that can help them continue to live their life. If you are unsure if your health issues qualify for SSDI in Plano or if you have a condition that allows for your application to be expedited, Brad Thomas is a Plano SSDI attorney that can answer your questions and help you through the process.

What Programs does the SSA Have That Can Speed Up the SSDI benefits Approval Process?

There are three programs that may provide you with the grounds to get your application rushed.

  1. The Compassionate Allowance program is for people with aggressively progressing ailments where time is a factor. There is a specific list of disease allowances that the SSA has and these indicate health problems that are so obvious that the need to jump through additional hoops to prove they exist may not be necessary. Even though approval doesn’t exactly mean instant benefits, getting benefits can be much faster than if you were approved through the normal process.
  2. Quick Disability Determinations is a fairly new program that uses a predictive model algorithm to determine SSDI eligibility. When applications come in, they are put through this model to see if the details of a claimant’s condition meet the requirements set by the SSA for moving certain applicants through the system quickly. Because the algorithm uses many distinctive factors to calculate the severity and the suitable nature of a condition, a claimant whose application passes, does not need extra evaluations and scrutiny. These claims are rushed through the system, while other claims that do not meet the requirements of the algorithm will simply go back into the standard system of review.
  3. The Terminal Illness Program is for individuals that have a condition that will kill them. When the SSA looks at a person with one of these deadly conditions, they also take into account how the claimant is doing emotionally.

Meet with a Plano SSDI Attorney Today

When you are unable to work because you are too sick or your physical impairment is so great that you are prohibited from employment for at least 12 months, then it is a good idea to meet up with an experienced Dallas SSDI attorney to learn more about what your options are for getting benefits in the quickest way possible. You can schedule a completely free, no-obligation consultation with the skilled and proficient Fort Worth SSDI attorney at the Brad Thomas Law Office at (972) 863-2367.

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