How to Find a SSDI Attorney in Texas

How to Find a SSDI Attorney in Texas

If you are unable to work due to a disabling injury or illness, you may be considering applying for Social Security Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Or, maybe you already submitted your claim but you were among the many initial claimants that were denied and now you are figuring out how to appeal. An individual in either of these situations may benefit by contacting their local SSDI lawyer for help.

rad Thomas is a Plano SSDI attorney with over a decade of experience helping disabled individuals secure SSDI benefits or work through the appeals process. Applying for SSDI benefits is not easy and can be quite frustrating. When just over 35% of initial claims are approved by the SSA, even in situations where the claimant has a valid disability, having professional support can help a disabled person ensure that their claim is handled properly.

How Do You Find an SSDI Attorney?

How to Find a SSDI AttorneyIf you have determined that working with an SSDI attorney makes sense for your situation, then finding the right legal professional is key. There are many lawyers with varying specialties that may make it confusing as to which legal mind is the best to partner with. From family law attorneys to business litigation, criminal defense, and personal injury lawyers finding the correct legal niche may feel overwhelming. There are also attorneys that specialize in many different areas of the law.

Locating an attorney that specifically focuses on Social Security Disability Law is the best way to go. This legal professional will be one with extensive experience practicing SSDI law and will know the system inside and out. You can greatly improve your chances of securing the best results when you have the appropriate legal counsel supporting you and advocating on your behalf.

There are many ways to find an SSDI attorney in Texas including:

  • Go online. Statistically, most people who are searching for a legal professional will do so with an online search. When you go online you can get a plethora of information on local attorneys that could help you with your legal needs. You can read reviews, check out an attorney’s website, read informational blog posts, and even connect with an attorney via social media. Often, you can get the contact information of the attorney and schedule a consultation with them online or by calling.
  • Talk to trusted family and friends to see if they have any recommendations as to who to use. Even if a loved one does not have specific experience with an SSDI lawyer, they may be able to assist your efforts in finding the right one.
  • Directories of local attorneys can also be searched. Yelp is one example.
  • You can look up your state’s bar association to see a listing of attorneys that specialize in SSDI near you.
  • Non-profit organizations whose goal is helping individuals with disabilities may have their own suggestions and resources.

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