Sufferers of painful, debilitating, and draining chronic migraines have a very difficult time managing daily life. This condition can greatly impact a person’s ability to function and to engage in gainful employment. Not only is the head pain a struggle to control, but often, there are other implications of migraines that can plague a person including nausea and vomiting, along with an inability to process light and sound without discomfort. Additionally, as a migraine is about to start sometimes victims of the ailment will experience a tickle or stinging sensation along with problems with their vision. These feelings lead to uneasy anticipation of the throbbing and agony to come.

If you are a person who is tormented by persistent migraines that keep you from enjoying life or being productive at your job, you could have a valid case to obtain Texas Social Security Disability benefits because of your condition. Due to the complexity of the system and the immense amount of paperwork that must be done properly so that the process doesn’t get drawn out, it is best to work with a Texas SSDI attorney. When you have a Texas SSDI lawyer helping you, your chances of getting the benefits you need in the least amount of time possible increases substantially.

What You Need to File a Successful SSDI Claim in Texas for Migraines

How Migraine Sufferers Can Get Texas SSDI BenefitsEvidence is a critical part of filing a successful SSDI claim in Texas. All the documentation surrounding your condition that you can gather will be incredibly helpful in proving the extent of your condition. Examples of useful documents would include:

  • Medical records.
  • Doctors notes or reports with diagnoses and details describing your situation.
  • Records of medications related to migraines.
  • Your personal journal where you record the sensations and difficulties you have to endure.
  • A doctor’s statement that describes your limitations because of your migraines.

You will need enough proof that your migraines are so severe that they have prohibited your ability to work for at least one year. If you can prove that your migraines are disabling you increase the potential for your claim to be approved. While this is possible, it is a very challenging undertaking. 

For many sufferers, migraines can be the result of some other health condition. Stroke, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, and anxiety are some examples of disorders that can cause migraines and are listed in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book. The SSA Blue Book has an extensive list of approved and accepted conditions that the SSA classifies as disabling. When you have migraines because of an established disabling condition as listed in the SSA’s Blue Book, your chances for benefits increase significantly.

Work with a Plano SSDI Attorney Today

When you work with Brad Thomas, a Plano SSDI attorney you improve your ability to obtain the SSDI benefits in Texas that you need. Migraines, whether they are from an underlying condition or they are stand-alone can cause major life disruptions for sufferers and be disabling. With the right documentation and an experienced Texas SSDI lawyer, you are better positioned to get your benefits. Call Brad Thomas today to schedule your free consultation at (972) 863-2367.


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