Does Your Skin Disorder Qualify for SSDI?

Does Your Skin Disorder Qualify for SSDI?

The skin is highly susceptible to damage and irritation because it is always exposed and it is the largest organ the human body has. There are millions of Americans that suffer from various skin conditions. Acne is the most commonly reported skin issue in the United States according to the American Academy of Dermatology. As many as 50 million Americans will develop some severity of acne every year.

Not every skin condition is going to be considered disabling, but there are some that might. Some skin conditions are incredibly painful and debilitating. If you are suffering from a severe skin disorder that is affecting your quality of life and ability to work, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. 

Being unable to work for at least 12 months because of your skin condition will have a devastating impact on your finances. Social Security Disability benefits could help you stay financially sound. To learn more, speaking with a Social Security Disability attorney can be helpful. In Texas, Brad Thomas is a Plano SSDI attorney that can answer your questions and assist you with your SSDI claim.

How Would a Skin Condition Qualify for SSDI Benefits?

Does Your Skin Disorder Qualify for SSDIThe Social Security Administration does have a list of disorders, ailments, and diseases that are considered disabling. This includes the ailments listed in the skin disorder section. For a skin disorder to be considered disabling by the SSA, the following factors are examined:

  • How frequent the skin issue is present.
  • How severe the condition is.
  • How a person’s body responds to toxins and other irritants.
  • If the condition persists all year long or if it is only seasonal.
  • If the person requires extra protection because of their condition.

Some of the most common skin disorders that may pose a chronic threat to individuals include ichthyosis, ongoing infection, dermatitis, and more. When lesions are so considerable that mobility and use of joints and body parts are restricted, it may be possible to obtain SSDI for a skin condition

When a sufferer of a painful skin condition has gone through treatment or is receiving treatment but the skin problems persist, obtaining SSDI may be a possibility. If you are managing an incurable and deep-rooted skin condition that is limiting your ability to engage in gainful employment it is beneficial to have your situation examined by a Plano SSDI attorney. 

The reason why seeing an attorney before applying for SSDI is so critical is that the SSDI system is complicated and can be very confusing. This is especially so if you do not understand the intricate rules, guidelines, and requirements that are present within the SSDI system. The majority of initial claims are denied. When this happens, obtaining benefits can be much more difficult to do and take much longer.

Speak with a Fort Worth SSDI Attorney

Suffering from a disabling disease or injury is stressful enough. Navigating the SSDI system when burdened with such health complications can be even harder. Call Brad Thomas Law today to speak with the Plano personal injury attorney during a free consultation at (972) 863-2367.