For many people who apply for Social Security Disability benefits, the process of waiting for a decision can be a struggle due to a lack of income and necessary medical treatment.  What makes this worse is that in order to qualify for benefits from the Social Security Administration the severity of this disability must be proven through your medical records.

The inherent problem in this is that if you are unable to work then you most likely do not receive any type of income or health insurance, which in turn can make it very difficult to afford the medical treatment that you need to support your disability claim.  The process then becomes an even more stressful and burdensome experience for those claimants who do not have the financial support of a spouse, family member, or other sources of income.

Fortunately, there are a great number of resources in Dallas-Fort Worth that offer free or low-cost health care to those that qualify.  In most of these places the qualifications are simple:  you will most likely have to reside in the same county or city that the clinic serves and you will also have to show some proof of low income in order to qualify for either free or low-cost treatment based on a sliding scale.  Of course, there are a few clinics out there that are a bit more lenient on these requirements.

Some great resources you can visit to find these clinics in Dallas-Fort Worth are:

Once you find the clinics in your area, you should find out the following information:

  • Are they accepting new patients? Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, some clinics are only treating returning patients.  If they are not accepting new patients at this time, ask if you can be put on a waiting list.
  • What type of treatment do they provide? This varies with each clinic, but most of them offer a combination of basic primary care, behavioral health care, dental, vision, women’s wellness, pediatric wellness, or sexual health care.  Confirm that they offer the type of treatment that you are looking for.
  • Do they have residence requirements? Most clinics require you to live within a certain county or city.  Confirm that you reside in the area that they serve, and that you can provide proof of that residency.
  • Do they treat both uninsured and underinsured, or do they treat uninsured only?
  • What is their fee policy? Most clinics will charge a sliding-scale fee based on your ability to pay, but some clinics will offer completely free treatment if you    meet their requirements.
  • What kind of documentation do you need to bring? This will most likely include a photo ID, proof of residency, pay stubs, etc.  Confirm exactly what documents you need to bring in order to sign up.

Going through the process of finding the right clinic for you and gathering the necessary documentation may seem like a frustrating experience to add to your already stressful situation, but getting the medical treatment that you need is absolutely necessary, not only for your Social Security disability claim, but for your own personal wellbeing.

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