Social Security Disability insurance provides a beneficial and necessary safety net for individuals in America who are disabled or too ill to work. Over the course of a worker’s career, a portion of their pay will be put into the program and after a certain amount of time or after accruing a specific amount of credits, workers are entitled to the benefit if they can no longer work. Applying for Social Security Disability benefits in Texas can be a pro-longed and frustrating process if a claimant doesn’t fill out all their paperwork correctly or take the appropriate steps. In fact, many initial claims are denied particularly because of this. Claimants who do not understand the requirements or process can easily make clerical and procedural errors which result in a claim denial despite the fact that they are truly disabled. 

This situation happens frequently. The result of denial is the SSDI appeals process which can be lengthy. While a claimant is imploring the Social Security Administration to give their claim another look, it could be years before a final decision is made. Brad Thomas is a Plano SSDI attorney that can help disabled and ill individuals more effectively apply for benefits and increase the chance their initial claim will be accepted by the administration. Being granted Social Security Disability benefits in Texas when you first apply will mean your much-needed benefits will get to you faster and with less hassle.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Filing for SSDI in Texas?

Common Mistakes Claimants Make When Applying for SSDI in TexasThere are some key mistakes that claimants who aren’t familiar with the SSDI process make when they file for benefits. Knowing these issues allow claimants to avoid them and increase their ability to potentially prevent a denial when they submit their claim:

  1. If you are employed and working when you file, this will cause the SSA to believe that you do not need benefits because you can actually work and earn a living. There is no law that says you cannot be working when you file your claim, but it doesn’t look good to the SSA and can bring into question your credibility.
  2. If you are disabled or if you have a disease that hasn’t lasted for 12 months or longer or is not expected to go that long, you are unlikely to obtain benefits. It is required to prove that your ailment is long-term and if not, then you must show it is permanent. Filing too early before you know or have the documentation that shows the length of time you will have to deal with your ailment will make obtaining benefits difficult.
  3. You have to gather medical evidence showing your condition. The consultative exam is not enough to prove your affliction and if that is all you have you are going to be denied.

Speak with a Texas SSDI Attorney Today

Having a Texas SSDI lawyer from the start is the best way to expedite the process in the most painless way possible. However, if you have been denied and need to appeal the decision, hiring Brad Thomas, a Plano disability attorney will increase the probability that you will get the benefits you need. You can meet with the Texas disability attorney during a free consulation by calling (972) 863-2367.


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