Social Security Disability

Compassion Allowance

Compassionate Allowance- Do you Qualify?

Social Security has created a program to assist individuals with either rare and/or terminal conditions where the prognosis is very poor. The diseases we see most are many forms of cancer (especially terminal cancer), early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease), and many other rare conditions. If you have been diagnosed with these terrible conditions, you are probably not used to any good news. Fortunately, there is some help if you are applying for Social [...]

hand injury disability

Hands and Disability

Virtually all work activities requires good use of the hands. Whether you are a construction worker, a plumber, an office worker, or a computer engineer, the use of your hands is incredibly important to perform the work activity that is required of you. If you have a construction job, your hands are required to assist you in lifting and carrying. You may need to climb ladders and grip on to your tools to work. If you are an office [...]

Can You Get SSDI in Texas for Suicidal Tendencies

Can You Get SSDI in Texas for Suicidal Tendencies?

Individuals who are suffering from illnesses that hinder their ability to work or are disabled and also lack the ability to hold down a job may be eligible for financial assistance through the Social Security Administration via Social Security Disability benefits. There are situations when a person with a verified disability dies and the family that remains is able to secure benefits. If you live in Texas and a loved one is mentally ill and commits suicide there may [...]

Treating Doctor Opinions and the Relevance to Your Case

In any disability claim, the medical evidence you provide to the Social Security Administration is the most important part of establishing your disability.  A supportive opinion from your treating doctor can be very helpful in establishing that you are disabled. The Administrative Law Judge is required to consider the opinion of any treating doctor when evaluating your case.  The current “treating doctor rule” applies to all claims filed after May 27, 2017.  Prior to May 27, 2017, the law was [...]

Is it Hard to get SSDI Benefits in Texas

Is it Hard to get SSDI Benefits in Texas?

Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits in Texas is not going to be the easiest or smoothest process. As a federal program, it is the federal government that will have the guidelines that will dictate who is eligible to receive benefits. Every state has locations where individuals can go to file a claim for benefits. That being said, as anyone who has worked with the federal system knows, cutting through the bureaucracy and figuring out the right way to fill [...]

What Happens to Your Texas SSDI Benefits If Your Condition Improves

What Happens to Your Texas SSDI Benefits If Your Condition Improves?

Typically, when a person is injured or is suffering from some type of medical condition the hope is that improvement happens. Feeling our best and being at optimal health is generally preferred over being sick or injured. However, when it comes to a person who is receiving Social Security Disability benefits in Texas, improvement can make for both good and bad news. Depending on your situation, you may be in desperate need of your Texas SSDI benefits, and losing [...]

Reasons Why Your Texas SSDI Benefits Stopped

Reasons Why Your Texas SSDI Benefits Stopped

If you suffer from a medical or mental condition that is so severe the Social Security Administration considered it to be a disability preventing you from working, you are likely receiving Social Security Disability Benefits from the SSA. These necessary benefits are what you use to pay for your life’s expenses. You may also have a job that you work in some capacity where you are making money while also receiving your Plano SSDI benefits. It is true in [...]