When the Social Security Administration approves your request for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits because you qualify as a disabled person who is unable to work and has met all of the other requirements, there is no doubt that you will feel a sense of relief. Going through the process of obtaining SSDI benefits in Texas isn’t easy and it can be drawn-out, complicated, and extremely frustrating. The most expedient way to get through the Texas SSDI system is to work with an experienced Texas SSDI lawyer.

It isn’t uncommon though, that after a person has been receiving SSDI for a long period of time that they want to see if they can go back to work. Many people would prefer to work and earn a living if they could, but when they are too debilitated to do so, they must rely on assistance such as the case with SSDI. When an individual is able to obtain gainful employment they will lose their SSDI. If after trying to carry out the responsibilities of their employment they realize that they actually can’t work or their condition becomes worse, the concern about having previous SSDI benefits reinstated is a serious question.

How Do You Get Your Texas SSDI Back When it Stopped?

Can Your Texas SSDI Reinstatement Application be ExpeditedMaking the decision to try to go back to work is typically a good thing. However, if it turns out that engaging in gainful employment isn’t realistic for your situation, you will need financial help because you are no longer earning a paycheck. If you were previously receiving SSDI, then there is hope that you can get those benefits reinstated. You have five years from when you stopped receiving your SSDI to apply to have those benefits reinstated without having to start from the beginning with a new claim.

The expedited reinstatement process developed by the SSA helps those individuals who qualify for SSDI get through the process in a much more time-efficient manner. While there are still no guarantees that you will be granted reinstatement of your SSDI, you may be able to hear the outcome of your application faster than when you first applied for SSDI. You will have to include in your application your up-to-date medical information. You may have your benefits reinstated if you:

  • Had your benefits end because you made too much money from your job,
  • You can’t work in any meaningful way to earn a living,
  • The disability that originally qualified you for SSDI still exists and is what is keeping you from gainful employment,
  • Your application was submitted before the five year period ended.

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When you work with the Plano SSDI attorney at the Brad Thomas Law Office,  you will have the most professional and responsive, client-focused legal advocates on your side. With experience representing over 900 disability claimants over 12 states, Brad Thomas is a knowledgeable and skilled Texas SSDI attorney who is here to help you with your Texas SSDI claim. Call (972) 863-2367 today to schedule your free consultation.

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