Can You Receive SSDI in Texas if You Have a Job?

Can You Receive SSDI in Texas if You Have a Job?

Having a job is not something that alone, will preclude a person from obtaining Social Security Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Not every job is created equal nor is a person’s ability to earn an income. For the SSA, if a claimant is deemed to be able to engage in substantial gainful activity, then they are not going to obtain SSDI benefits. When it is determined that a person can work in some capacity, but not in what is considered substantial gainful activity, then there is a possibility that SSDI benefits can be awarded.

When a person first submits their SSDI claim to the SSA the very first thing that the SSA will look at is if a person can engage in substantial gainful activity. According to the SSA, substantial gainful activity is work that requires considerable physical effort or mental vigor. The work must also be compensated. 

When Does a Job Rule Out Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you live in the state of Texas, Brad Thomas is a Plano Social Security Disability attorney that will work hard to make sure that your claim is put together properly and managed well. When a legitimate illness or physical ailment exists, sometimes getting benefits comes down to execution. People who do not understand the process can make unintentional missteps that can cause great frustration when a denial results. Brad Thomas knows how the Social Security Disability system functions.

In 2021, blind individuals can work and receive SSDI benefits as long as they do not earn more than $2,190 each month from their job. For individuals that are not blind, earnings must not be more than $1,310 every month. No matter if you are blind or not, if you are able to make more than these amounts from a job, the work being done will be considered substantial gainful activity. In this case, benefits will not be awarded.

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It is common for new SSDI claimants and even those who are appealing an SSDI denial to have questions. Getting professional support can be immensely valuable to a claimant’s chances of getting benefits. Individuals living in Texas should meet and discuss their case with a Plano SSDI lawyer.

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