A disability can greatly impact your capacity to function in everyday life. Emotional pain, distress, physical discomfort, and limitations are all obstacles people with disabilities have to endure. Being disabled may mean that you have no way to engage in gainful employment and if this is true, you are going to face a dire financial situation. It can be an overwhelming and confusing time when you are suffering from a debilitation or condition that affects your life so substantially. 

If you have just become disabled after an accident and you are employed, don’t resign from your position. Your employer may have benefits you can use such as long-term or short-term disability insurance and if you quit, you won’t have access to those valuable assistance programs. If your employer has one of these insurance programs then you could stand to have up to 60% of your wages compensated while you are out of work. Even though these payments are less than what you would get from your normal paycheck, the benefit is still a significant income source that can help you take care of your financial obligations while you aren’t working.

The difference between short-term and long-term insurance is the amount of time that you can receive the coverage. Short-term coverage often will pay a disabled person for as long as six months. Long-term coverage lasts has the potential to last for life if the disability is permanent.

Should You Apply for Unemployment Benefits if You Need SSDI Benefits?

Can You Get SSDI in Texas if You Have Unemployment BenefitsIn the absence of long or short-term disability insurance, you will have to find another way to get paid while you are unable to work and earn a living yourself. A disability can be temporary or long-term,  you may be able to only work part-time, go back to full-time employment, or not be able to work in any capacity. Depending on your diagnosis and circumstances, you may not really know what the outlook is for you in terms of if you will be able to work again. Being out of work is scary and not knowing how you are going to pay your bills is overwhelming. You may be inclined to apply for unemployment benefits and while you are within your rights to do so, if you decide that you really need Plano Social Security Disability benefits, then this could jeopardize your claim. 

The process of obtaining SSDI benefits is incredibly difficult for many people and the majority of initial SSDI claims are denied. It can take many months to years before you are approved for benefits and some individuals are never approved for benefits. Texas unemployment benefits are only dispensed to individuals that have the ability to work on a full-time basis and are actively looking for a job. If you are receiving unemployment benefits in Texas and you realize that what you really need is SSDI benefits instead, you will have to terminate your unemployment. You will be unsuccessful with your SSDI claim if you are applying while in the unemployment system in Texas. The reason for this is receiving unemployment benefits says that you can work which is in direct contrast with the qualifications for SSDI.

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