Can I Get SSDI for Long COVID?

Can I Get SSDI for Long COVID?

The question of if a person who is suffering from long COVID is eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance is a valid one. While the survival rate of COVID is over 99% for most demographics, some people may be able to overcome the infection but suffer from lingering symptoms.  When a person recovers from COVID but the aftermath of their infection is prolonged and persistent health problems that were not present before they had COVID, daily life can be very difficult. These individuals are said to have what is been labeled long COVID.

According to the statistics, as high as 30% of people who survived a COVID infection are left managing life with long COVID. The effects of long COVID may last for many months. Typically it is the older population and individuals with certain pre-existing conditions are most vulnerable to long COVID. But younger individuals can also experience the lasting symptoms of long COVID.

For some individuals that are dealing with long COVID, the symptoms may be so substantial that being able to work is impossible. If you have had COVID, recovered from it, but have remaining symptoms that are not clearing up and making it difficult for you to work, you may potentially be able to secure SSDI benefits. 

Obtaining SSDI is not an easy task, and most claimants who initially file their claims are denied. The best course of action for a person seeking SSDI is to speak with a local legal professional who specializes in SSDI law. For individuals living in Plano, TX, Brad Thomas is a Plano SSDI attorney that can assess your situation, help you with the SSDI claims process, and provide you answers to your questions about getting SSDI.

Is Long COVID Considered a Disability?

Can I Get SSDI for Long COVIDThe Americans with Disabilities Act says that long COVID is a disability. This is good news for sufferers of long COVID who are limited in daily life activities because of their condition. When long COVID is keeping you from being able to work, take care of yourself, or interact with other people, your ailment is likely going to be viewed as disabling.

Obtaining SSDI for long COVID is going to be an uphill battle. The reason for this is the Social Security Administration defines a qualified disability as one that prohibits a person from engaging in gainful activity for at least 12 months or is expected to lead to death. If your symptoms of long COVID are not expected to impair you for at least a year, then you are unlikely to get SSDI benefits. 

Still, obtaining SSDI benefits for long COVID is not impossible. If long COVID has to lead to the development of a new long-lasting medical condition or exacerbates a current medical issue SSDI benefits may be appropriate. How one submits their claim and what medical documentation is used is critical in getting a positive response from the SSA. This is why working with a Plano disability attorney is so key to the success of a person’s SSDI claim.

Speak with a Texas SSDI Attorney

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