Many situations can lead to catastrophic injuries that prevent a person from being able to work. Traffic accidents, sports incidents, various forms of abuse and violence, aviation crashes, weapons assault, even certain serious illnesses can damage the body considerably. When a catastrophic injury accident in Texas occurs that renders you unable to engage in the daily life and activities that you did prior to your accident experience, your ability to do your job may also be affected. Potentially, your injuries are so severe that you have no options for employment because you simply cannot hold down a job in any industry or in any capacity.

If you were the victim of a Texas catastrophic injury incident and you can no longer function at your job or in any other position, you may be able to obtain Texas Social Security Disability benefits. It is imperative to your claim that you have the right supporting documentation and that you fill out the paperwork properly to improve your chances of having your claim accepted. The reality is, that the majority of claims that are submitted to the Social Security Administration for SSDI benefits are largely rejected and have to go to appeal. The appeals process can be long and arduous and still, there are no guarantees that a claim will be accepted.

Can a Catastrophic Injury Accident in Texas Qualify for SSDI

Claimants who suffered an incident that left them severely injured with inadequate ability to work can improve their chances for obtaining SSDI benefits in Texas when they work with a Texas SSDI attorney. You deserve to understand what your rights are under the law and when you work with the Texas disability attorney at the Brad Thomas Law Office you will. With experience representing over 900 disability claimants across 12 states, Plano SSDI attorney Brad Thomas understands how the SSDI process works and the most effective way to help claimants obtain the benefits they are entitled to.

How Common Are Injury Accidents in the United States?

Any incident where force, cutting, crushing, or impact occurs can result in some magnitude of injury. Catastrophic injuries happen when the trauma to the body is so severe a victim may never be the same again. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that in 2019 the United States had a population of just under 330,000,000, and there were almost 27,000,000 individuals who reported non-fatal injuries from some type of incident that year. Almost 3,000,000 had to be hospitalized for their harm.

Depending on the type of injury incident that took place, a victim may have filed a civil suit against the negligent party that caused their damages for compensation. This is a normal course of action in many injury accident situations where liability is involved. However, when the injury is so substantial that the victim sustained long-term damage keeping them from being able to work, then they may qualify for SSDI benefits in Plano, Texas.

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Life happens and unexpected circumstances can arise at any time taking you by surprise. Sometimes the unexpected incidents are joyful and exciting, other times they are woeful and cause you distress and harm. If your life has shifted due to an injury accident and you need help because you can not work, please call the Brad Thomas Law Offices for assistance with your Texas SSDI claim (972) 863-2367.

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