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Is it Difficult to Get Texas SSDI for Back Pain

Is it Difficult to Get Texas SSDI for Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the more common disabilities that Americans experience. Some of the main reasons why back pain is so prevalent across the country are: Americans have an obesity problem and with increasing technology taking care of so many of our needs, we aren’t required to move much. When a person doesn’t use their body and keep their muscles stimulated and strong, they naturally become weak. Capable musculature can help support the back, but weak abdominal muscles and [...]

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Hands and Disability

Virtually all work activities requires good use of the hands. Whether you are a construction worker, a plumber, an office worker, or a computer engineer, the use of your hands is incredibly important to perform the work activity that is required of you. If you have a construction job, your hands are required to assist you in lifting and carrying. You may need to climb ladders and grip on to your tools to work. If you are an office [...]

Can You Get SSDI in Texas for Suicidal Tendencies

Can You Get SSDI in Texas for Suicidal Tendencies?

Individuals who are suffering from illnesses that hinder their ability to work or are disabled and also lack the ability to hold down a job may be eligible for financial assistance through the Social Security Administration via Social Security Disability benefits. There are situations when a person with a verified disability dies and the family that remains is able to secure benefits. If you live in Texas and a loved one is mentally ill and commits suicide there may [...]

If You Inherit a Home Will Your Texas SSDI Benefits Be Impacted

If You Inherit a Home Will Your Texas SSDI Benefits Be Impacted?

A lot of people inherit property including individuals who are disabled and receiving Social Security Disability benefits in Texas. If you are currently receiving Texas SSDI benefits and a relative passes away leaving you a home, it is reasonable to wonder if taking the property will be damaging to your ability to continue receiving your benefits. This is a valid question, and to better understand what your rights are and how your benefits are impacted by any life changes, [...]

Low-Income Resources: Health Care in Dallas County

If you are among the millions of Americans that are without any type of health insurance, and you are also struggling with a disability that makes it unable for you to work, then finding the health care that you need can be extremely difficult.  Fortunately for Dallas County residents, there are multiple low-cost clinics and charity programs available to you if you meet certain low-income qualifications. The majority of these clinics operate on what is called a “sliding scale fee” [...]

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Neck Impairment and Disability

A neck condition can lead to serious disability. The neck contains several nerves, including the spinal cord which is necessary for brain function as well as nerves that directly involve function in your hands and arms. The neck supports the head and movement. Many individuals, through time or injury, or perhaps a bit of both, develop severe conditions in the neck, otherwise known as the cervical spine. Individuals may suffer from degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine, which occurs [...]

Can a Catastrophic Injury Accident in Texas Qualify for SSDI

Can a Catastrophic Injury Accident in Texas Qualify for SSDI?

Many situations can lead to catastrophic injuries that prevent a person from being able to work. Traffic accidents, sports incidents, various forms of abuse and violence, aviation crashes, weapons assault, even certain serious illnesses can damage the body considerably. When a catastrophic injury accident in Texas occurs that renders you unable to engage in the daily life and activities that you did prior to your accident experience, your ability to do your job may also be affected. Potentially, your [...]

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The Importance of a Pre-Hearing Brief

The Law Office of Brad Thomas routinely submits pre-hearing briefs to Administrative Law Judges prior to the case. What is a “brief?” A brief is simply a short legal paper provided to the judge that explains why you are disabled. A brief is usually 2-4 pages and submitted to the judge prior to your hearing. The brief provides the judge with a recitation of the medical records that support your claim as well as the legal theory as to why you [...]

Common Mistakes Claimants Make When Applying for SSDI in Texas

Common Mistakes Claimants Make When Applying for SSDI in Texas

Social Security Disability insurance provides a beneficial and necessary safety net for individuals in America who are disabled or too ill to work. Over the course of a worker’s career, a portion of their pay will be put into the program and after a certain amount of time or after accruing a specific amount of credits, workers are entitled to the benefit if they can no longer work. Applying for Social Security Disability benefits in Texas can be a [...]

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Administrative Law Judge Hearings

When you file a disability claim, it goes through an initial review to see if you qualify for disability.  If you are denied, it then goes through reconsideration.  Hopefully, you are one of the lucky ones who gets approved initially or at the reconsideration level.  However, if you at not approved at either of these levels, you can request a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge, or ALJ. Who is an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)? An Administrative Law Judge [...]