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Can I Get SSDI for Long COVID

Can I Get SSDI for Long COVID?

The question of if a person who is suffering from long COVID is eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance is a valid one. While the survival rate of COVID is over 99% for most demographics, some people may be able to overcome the infection but suffer from lingering symptoms.  When a person recovers from COVID but the aftermath of their infection is prolonged and persistent health problems that were not present before they had COVID, daily life can be [...]

Can Student Loan Debt be Forgiven if you Get SSDI

Can Student Loan Debt be Forgiven if you Get SSDI?

If you have been injured so badly that you are unable to work for an extended period of time or if you developed an illness that is keeping you from work, applying for Social Security Disability Benefits may be the right choice. Although, if you have outstanding student loan debt, you may be wondering how SSDI benefits will affect that debt. Potentially, depending on your situation, you could have your debt forgiven.  When a person is determined to have a [...]

How Does The SSA Define Disability

How Does The SSA Define Disability?

If you are suffering from a debilitating illness or injury and you are unable to work, you may be considering applying for Social Security Disability benefits. You would be right to do so when you are in such distressing circumstances. To qualify for benefits the Social Security Administration requires the following: Have worked long enough as defined by the SSA. Have a medical condition that is that falls under the SSA’s definition of a disability. Have a medical condition that prevents you [...]

Can You Receive SSDI in Texas if You Have a Job?

Having a job is not something that alone, will preclude a person from obtaining Social Security Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Not every job is created equal nor is a person’s ability to earn an income. For the SSA, if a claimant is deemed to be able to engage in substantial gainful activity, then they are not going to obtain SSDI benefits. When it is determined that a person can work in some capacity, but not in [...]

Can I Get SSDI Benefits for my Fibromyalgia

Can I Get SSDI Benefits for my Fibromyalgia?

There is a lot about the condition of fibromyalgia that is unknown to our researchers and medical professionals. People who suffer from fibromyalgia have ongoing and persistent pain and lethargy throughout their bodies. The toll that a person with the condition has to endure can also affect their mental health and cause them quite a bit of distress in life. There are approximately four million Americans that have to manage their fibromyalgia symptoms. Despite the cause of the condition being [...]

Compassion Allowance

Compassionate Allowance- Do you Qualify?

Social Security has created a program to assist individuals with either rare and/or terminal conditions where the prognosis is very poor. The diseases we see most are many forms of cancer (especially terminal cancer), early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease), and many other rare conditions. If you have been diagnosed with these terrible conditions, you are probably not used to any good news. Fortunately, there is some help if you are applying for Social [...]

Complete Medical Records Are Important for Getting Texas SSDI Benefits

Complete Medical Records Are Important for Getting Texas SSDI Benefits

Not feeling well or struggling to get your work done because of a physical impairment is not going to be enough for the Social Security Administration to approve Social Security Disability benefits. It takes a lot more evidence and documentation to show how badly impaired you are for the SSA to approve an SSDI claim in Texas.  Part of determining the severity of your condition is allowing the SSA to review all of your personal medical records. This will let [...]

Injuries that May Qualify for SSDI Benefits in Texas

Injuries that May Qualify for SSDI Benefits in Texas

There are several types of injuries that are listed in the Social Security Administration’s Blue Book that are recognized as disabling should a person be afflicted with them. Many people do not have a specific illness or injury in the SSA Blue Book, but the details of their case and their impairment make them eligible to get benefits nonetheless. It isn’t easy applying for Social Security Disability benefits in Texas and actually getting approval. Only approximately 42% of initial [...]

Signs that Your Texas SSDI Claim gets Approved

Signs That Your Texas SSDI Claim Will Get Approved

Being unable to work because you are too sick or your injuries limit your abilities is frustrating and discouraging. You need medical care and your bills aren’t stopping because of your health issues. You need assistance and one way you may be able to get it is through Social Security Disability benefits. Because more than 65% of initial claims are denied making the process of obtaining benefits much longer, it is worthwhile to work with a Texas SSDI attorney [...]

What Does it take to Get Texas SSDI from Hearing Loss

What Does it take to Get Texas SSDI from Hearing Loss?

There are many people who suffer from hearing loss either because they were born without it or because it developed over time for some other reason. Even if a person doesn’t experience a traumatic event or suffer from a disease condition that causes the loss of hearing, as we age, our hearing becomes less defined and vivid. There are an estimated 15% of adults throughout the country that reports having some amount of difficulty with their hearing. Having parents [...]