Judge reviewing documents with a gavel in the foreground
Judge reviewing documents with a gavel in the foreground
Judge reviewing documents with a gavel in the foreground
Get Help Applying for Social Security Disability
Or Appealing a Denial.
Judge reviewing documents with a gavel in the foreground
Get Help Applying for Social Security Disability
Or Appealing a Denial.
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Brad Thomas Law Office


Applying for Social Security Disability can be a difficult process. Few people applying for disability get their cases granted at the initial level and you often have to appeal through the Social Security Disability system to get your case granted. I understand the process and work hard to ensure my client’s disability claims are handled correctly and promptly. Call me at 972-863-2367 to discuss your claim today.

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Brad Thomas Law Office was very responsive in my case. He was available and informative. I’m glad he was able to handle my case and get the results in my favor!

Kalia Kelley

Mr. Brad Thomas was very helpful with this difficult time of disability. He always responded at a problem or question I had about any issue that arose at that time. I used his company from January til about March the following year. Compared to the very first application from 2017 on my own time to when I hired him in 2018.

Kristin Campbell

Brad got my claim finished in record time. I had been denied and this claim was dragging on for years. I got in touch with Brad and within less than a year we were finished.

Larry Konecny

Thank you Brad for helping me get my disability that I needed so badly..my hero for the month

melanie moore

They did an awesome job! I would recommend them to anyone! They stayed on top of everything ,answer every question i had…they will help you with everything they can…their a good business!

Becky McKinness

I was going through so much hassle trying to find a honest and good lawyer to help me get my disability and I called Brad Thomas and finally I knew and felt I finally found the right one his employers were so sweet and understanding I was so sick and tired that i needed my disability I couldn’t work he did it quick we won if you’re looking for a lawyer then he’s the one and I’m not saying it just to say this really really really what I felt was sweet and kind hearted understanding professionalism in Mr. Brad Thomas
and his staff members did an excellent great and fast performance in my case to allow me to receive my disability benefits

Sophia Salinas

Brad Thomas Law Firm is the best! Very professional, prepared and quick to respond. What could have been a long drawn out process flowed smoothly.
Works in your favor. Would recommend him to any one needing a disability lawyer.

Kathy Shaw

Brad and his team walked through the entire disability process with him over the phone. Our application was expedited and handed professionally and quickly. I would recommend his services again.

Kelli Orpen

Thank you so much to Brad Thomas and his amazing work! My father, Kelvin Peterson, was able to get his disability with the help of Brad and his work and he continues to sing his praises!

kelsi ciara

I would just like to say that I would recommend the Law Office of Mr. Brad Thomas to anyone in need of a disability lawyer. He and his staff treated me with such kindness and compassion during a very difficult time for me. He returned all of my calls very quickly and his staff was also very quick to help me with any questions I had. I would absolutely rate Brad Thomas’ office a 10! I will always appreciate them!

Linda L.

I needed a lawyer to help with my disability case, after getting denied at first. I chose Brad Thomas over “the Texas Hammer” and he did not disappoint. Him and his office staff were always easy to get ahold of and very responsive. Walked me through everything, helped if needed! Highly recommend! I feel like I got approved fairly quickly especially with Covid.

Amanda Sullivan-Summers

Brad Thomas law firm really helped me out , it has been a long journey and came through for me. Made the process easy for me. THERE THE BEST!!!

Ceceli Chapuis

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